Trucking Services in Fort Saint John

If you are looking for a trucking company in the Fort Saint John area, look no further than the professionals at HCL Trucking Ltd. With a host of trucking services to our name, our versatile trucks can get your precious cargo where it needs to go with ease.

We are the local trucking company that families, individuals, and businesses look to when they need expedited trucking services, access to tilt-deck trailers, and everything in between. To say we are a full service local trucking company is something of an understatement.

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We’re a Versatile Trucking Company

There are trucking companies that only offer one sort of service or move one type of cargo. We are not those sorts of truckers. We are some of the most versatile local truckers in the region. Some of the services we offer include:

  • Refrigerated trucking
  • Long-haul trucking
  • Dry van trucking
  • Flatbed trucking
  • Expedited trucking
  • Hotshot trucking
  • And more

Commitment to Customer Satisfaction

Every day is different for us. Some days we might be transporting construction materials to a commercial construction site. Other days, meanwhile, we might be transporting food products to a nearby restaurant. The only consistent with us is our commitment to quality work. We’ll give you the service you deserve and nothing less.

LTL Trucking: The Sustainable Choice

Clients love our LTL (less than a truckload) trucking services. We’re able to move small shipments across the city in record time without asking clients to pay for an entire truck. Combining multiple shipments to one truck doesn’t just save everyone money, though. This efficient approach also lessens the environmental impact of shipping and trucking.

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Certified and Qualified Truck Drivers

The success of our operations depends entirely on the quality of our truck drivers. Alongside dedicated crew members, they load shipments onto flatbeds and into trucks, drive the cargo through the city, and unload it at the desired location. To say they are integral to our day-to-day operations is something of an understatement.

We minimize liabilities and ensure customer satisfaction by only hiring the most qualified and trained truck drivers. Not only are their licenses up to date, but they are fully insured, as well. Their ongoing commitment to stress-free trucking and delivery services makes all the difference in the world.   

Reap the Benefits of Seamless Delivery

We know you—and your recipients—want your shipments to arrive at their destination in one piece. That isn’t all you expect from your local trucking company though. Alongside the promise of fragile item care and above-board safety measures, you also want your cargo to arrive at the desired destination on time. Our seamless delivery system ensures that your items arrive within the agreed-upon time frame.

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